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    Adding a Director - Overview

    It is possible to add a director to the company at any time. While the articles of incorporation should have provisions allowing it to do so, the Articles of Association and Companies Act provisions instruct how and who can be appointed as a new director. Adding new directors to the company needs a bunch of procedures.

    Why Add/Change Directors to company

    Following are the reasons why people choose to add or change directors

    Documents Required For Closing An LLP

    Partners need to submit the following documents

    Process for Adding a new Director

    First we have to Check if the articles of the company supports adding an additional director. If not then modify the AoA of the company hence allowing addition of an additional company director.

    The to be director must give his or her consent

    The company must pass a board resolution

    Get the DSC (digital signature certificate) and DIN (director identification number) for the new director.

    Collect the basic documents and information required.


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