Trademark Registration

A registered trademark creates trust and loyalty among the customers.

Importance of trademark registration



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    Trademark Registration Overview

    Trademark Registration involves a lot of steps. We first conduct a Trademark Search to ensure that the client’s mark isn’t similar to any existing marks or pending applications. The classes that the mark falls under are decided and then the application for trademark registration is filed. When we register a trademark for our business, it becomes its intangible asset or intellectual property. A registered trademark creates trust and loyalty among the customers. If any organization attempts to copy your trademark or uses a similar trademark then you have the right to sue them if your trademark is registered.

    Steps to follow to find your trademark

    Trademark classes

    Total trademark classes are 45 in number on the basis of all the goods and services provided. Classes determine the validity of your trademark and your business’s product/services. It’s a crucial step to choose which class you are going to categories your trademark. Popular classes have more competition rather than basic classes.

    Some well known trademark classes in India are-

    Steps for registration of trademark

    Documents required for trademark registration


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