Limited Liability Partnership Annual Filings

The Benefits of Filing Annual Compliances For LLP

Higher reliability: Annual compliance provides for higher credibility to the organization for loan approvals or any other same requirements.

Record of Financial Worth of a company: Provide records to other companies of their financial worth, which results in new and interested investors.

Stays Active and No Penalties: With regular filings, LLPs are not declared as inoperative, and it stays active. Also, annual compliance filings are necessary and hence involve penalties

Conversion or Closure: Regular annual compliance filings make conversion of Limited Liability Partnerships into other types of companies easier as well as quicker in terms of resolutions in case of dissolution of partnerships



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    What are Annual Filings? (Overview)

    Limited liability partnerships is required to meet few criteria for compliance on filing annual return. LLPs are required to provide information that is related to the statement of accounts and returns on an annual basis. Penalties, however, is very huge for failure to comply. Entities that do not provide the requisite information are fined heavily.

    it is a partnership in which either some of the partners or all have some limited liability with them . in an LLP not every partner is responsible for other partner’s misconduct and negligence .Unlike  other corporate shareholders, the partners have the power to manage the business directly

    Checklist items for Filing of Annual Compliance

    The Important Requirements of Filing Annual Compliance

    Maintain Discipline

    All it requires for a business to meet there annual compliance requirement is to remain disciplined and vigilant. However, being callous can result in fines and penalties.

    Regular Updates From The RoC (Registrar Of Companies) is required

    With an on-call company secretary throughout the year, you should ensure that your business is running in accordance with the laws in force.

    Documents Required Filing of Annual Compliance


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