Private Limited Company

A registered company has many advantages in terms of authenticity of your business. 

Limited Liability Partnership

Register your LLP to get double benefits of Partnership firm as well as Limited Liability

One Person Company

One Person Company (OPC) came into existence as a refinement of the structure of Sole Proprietorship firm.

Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorship is one of the most popular business structures.

Nidhi Company

Nidhi means a company which has been setup with the object of developing the habit of thrift among the members.

Section 8 Company

A company when registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and has a motive of promoting arts, commerce, education, charity

Producer Company

A Producer company can be defined as a legally recognized body of farmers or agriculturists 

Partnership Firm

A partnership firm cannot possess a property , neither they can be a debtor or creditor.

Startup India Registration

Indian government under the administration of ministry of commerce and industry had initiated start up India in the year 2015


Trademark Registration

A registered trademark creates trust and loyalty among the customers.

Search for Trademark

A Trademark Search is conducted using the Indian Trademark Search database

Respond to TM Objection

It means that the trademark registrar needs a valid reason or explanation about the mark and registration

Trademark Renewal

Trademark renewal protects the rights available to a registered mark.

Patent Search

A patent is an exclusive statutory right guaranteed for an invention (a product or process) for a limited period of time.

Provisional Application

A Provisional patent application is one that can still be filed irrespective of it being in the experimentation stage

Permanent Patent

A complete specification patent application refers to a permanent patent application.


Add a Director

It is possible to add a director to the company at any time. 

Remove a Director

It is possible to remove a director from the company at any given time.

Increase Authorized Capital

A  company’s authorized capital denotes the maximum amount of shares it may sell to the shareholder.

Close the Pvt. Ltd. Company

In simple words liquidation is process by which a company is bought to end or shutting down its activity.

Change Objective/Activity

As the company grows and evolves, it becomes obvious that one wants to take their company in a direction that you had not anticipate before. 

Change Address

Section 12 of the Companies Act makes it mandatory for all companies to have a registered office at the time incorporation.

Change Company Name

People change their company’s name for the following benefits

Accounting & Tax

Accounting & Tax

It is a responsibility of every business either it is large or small to furnish their accounting records to the Income Tax Department.

Accounting and Book-keeping

Bookkeeping is one of the conventional and most secure method of recording all the financial transaction carried out in an organization

Payroll Maintenance

Employees are supposed to be classified on the basis of following categories

TDS Return Filing

Quarterly the IT departments receive a statement for online TDS return.

Individual Income Tax Filing

The whole payment procedure is carried under the surveillance of the IT department where they verify the requested document

GST Filing

GST in India will ensure that taxpayer services such as registration, returns, and compliance are straightforward and transparent .

GST Registration

Goods & Services Tax (GST) applies to all Indian service providers (including freelancers), traders and manufacturers. 

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